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With the BREXIT withdrawal deadline looming entities need to consider what steps they need to take to enable them to continue to transfer/receive personal data legally post BREXIT. As part of this entities should: –


1) Review their agreements with their UK service providers Entities which transfer personal data to UK service providers, whether that service provider is a processor or controller of that data need to ensure that their respective agreement with that service provider contain what are known as the standard contractual clauses for data transfers outside the EEA; and,  


2) Consider whether they need to appoint a UK representative for the purposes of complying with the Art. 27 of the UK GDPR. Subject to certain exemptions, Article 27 of the GDPR requires organisations outside the European Economic Area (EEA), that process EEA residents’ data to appoint a Representative.  The Representative must act as the first point of contact for both EEA residents and GDPR supervisory authorities throughout the EU.  Post 31 December 2020, as the UK has incorporated GDPR into its local legislation, the UK Government’s position is that data controllers or processors located outside the UK that process the personal data of UK citizens will need to appoint a UK Representative. UK entities will also need to access their EU Article 27 requirements.


We here at Corporate Governance Solutions can provide GDPR compliance and administration services, EU representative services. and assist with arranging the appointment of UK representative.


We also provide company secretarial services and a variety of compliance and trustee services. If you require any of these, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@Corporategs.ie.



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