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CRO resumes certain additional activities despite the COVID-19 restrictions

The CRO has issued a status update regarding its activities as at 15 April 2020 which noted that post was being received at both its Dublin and Carlow offices and that it is accepting queries via email to the appropriate email addresses. It also provided an update on its processing of submissions as follows: –

Submissions are being received, processed, registered (with expected delays expected in some cases) in respect of :-

  • New Company Incorporations, Change of Name, Re-Registrations
  • Business Name registrations and changes
  • RFS/External companies/Limited Partnerships (with delays)
  • Solvency related submissions (with delays)
  • Changes in registered office submissions
  • Summary Approval Procedure submission
  • District court applications
  • Mortgages and charges registration submissions (note C6/C7 and C17 with delays)

Certain submissions which are received will be processed at a later date: –

  • Annual Returns (B1)
  • Submissions B10, B10A, B67, B69, B77a

For more information see www.cro.ie.

If you have any queries on incorporations or other company secretarial matters (or indeed any of our other services) please contact us at info@corporategs.ie and we will do our best to assist.

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