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Duties of a company secretary in Ireland

The Companies Act 2014 (as amended) does not prescribe a specific list of duties for a company secretary like they do for company directors.

As an officer of the company, the company secretary must exercise due care skill and duty in the performance of their role; has a responsibility, along with the other officer’s of that company, for the company’s compliance with its obligations; and must disclose certain information for inclusion in the registers of the company. In addition, they are required to sign the company’s annual return and a number of other Companies Registration Office (“CRO”) filings.

Beyond this, a company secretary’s responsibilities typically depend on what duties the board of directors have delegated to the company secretary.

In most cases the company secretary will be made responsible for: –

  • Coordinating board and committee meetings and collating and circulating meeting materials;
  • Minuting meetings and maintaining action point lists;
  • Preparing and lodging filings with the CRO (to include ensuring they are filed on time); and
  • Maintaining the company’s statutory records including statutory registers and minute books.

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